Thanks for visiting this strange place.  Most people don’t bother to come this far off the beaten path, so I appreciate you making the trip over.  Around here, you may find things are little different than you’re used to back in – where did you say you were from again? – doesn’t matter.  Around these parts, you may find that some things are a bit… off.  But don’t let that bother you.  Just keep wandering in this direction from time to time and hopefully you’ll find something that perks your interest.  Things are always changing here, albeit slowly. Kinda like plate tectonics, you know? Things are always moving, but sometimes they’re moving so slowly that no one notices and sometimes they’re moving so fast that everyone can’t help but take notice.

Come back and see me again real soon, okay?  It gets lonely out here sometimes… If you don’t want to come back, could we be pen pals? I mean, you could always write to me here.

Or just send a carrier pigeon with some snacks. People always forget to give their pigeons snacks for the trip.


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